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Learning web development is hard to make easy!

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        Learning web development is hard to make easy! Web design and web development are the epitome of coin. One without the other is almost immobile. Many people come to learn web design/development as a hobby but after a few days/months/years they are no longer found. Their interest wanes. Where do they disappear from the web world?

Web refers to being connected to the Internet (electrical waves in the air). And in the case of the web there is a small language of HTML programming which is really a very simple and pleasant computer web language. All the pages we see on the Internet, such as Google, Face book, Twitter, are all written in HTML. Basically everything that floats on the mobile or computer screen is the result of HTML code.

There are other computer languages closely related to HTML that are not less important than HTML. Such as CSS. PHP, JavaScript, Python etc. These are server side languages, i.e., the purpose of these high-quality programming languages are to hide important secret information in a large server computer and deliver just as much information as needed to the user. And HTML is only necessary to present the important text, images, colors etc. in front of the display/monitor. Real tasks PHP/Java Script/Python (Calculations/Logic tasks) Tasks are written by a programmer in the condition that it returns the results like how many marks a student has scored in a subject, average, etc. The division has received a large amount of this data for years and when a specific database is required, programming languages such as PHP, JavaScript, Python type, store them according to the code script written by the programmers secretly on the server site computers and inspect the results.

Web design and web development are related as well as have some differences. A student, however, has to determine that from the beginning or else it will be a mess. Many skilled students make this mistake effortlessly and end up wasting a lot of time! In this case, there is a role of a skilled trainer. Because it takes time for students to gain experience, so if an experienced teacher can open the eyes of novice students, then his future will be bright....isn't it?

Many new freelancers are under a lot of stress and frustration when learning web development, which language to learn, which language to learn and design and develop. Many go astray without proper guidance. And those who have many interests but they find out some way or the other. Solve it through your own talent, thinking and logic, patience and practice without depending on just video tutorials or any person. But the subject is undoubtedly complex and most web experts advise that learning any programming language well will do it all. The meaning of their words is that learning a little PHP, learning a little JavaScript, learning a little MySQL or learning Python is of no use. All these languages are powerful. All bullets are almost the same. Once you master any one language, the rest will be as easy as water. It is almost impossible to become a successful freelancer because everyone can do nothing. Whatever you learn, learn it properly and practice a lot and try to master any programming language.

Almost 80% of the skilled people in the field of web development today use CMS (Content Management System). Although it is user dynamic, it is not possible to fully customize everything. Which has to be worn by the unaccountable suffering? Moreover, less skilled people need skilled developers (rented for money) after uploading free open source CMS (Content Management System like: Word Press, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, OIX, Prestashop etc.) to the server. This is a major limitation because whenever a text or banner or logo position needs to be changed or a payment method needs to be applied, there will be a problem and if a virus gets infected, then it's over...

In the case of web design, the work of web graphics and front line templates is more and in the case of web development, back end i.e. server side scripting requires coding of logical programming. It is also called MVC (Model View Control) model and in some cases MVT model (Model View Template). A web developer/web designer needs to have a good understanding of both the MVC (Model View Control) model and the MVT model (Model View Template) to understand what he is doing or what he is doing is right and best for himself and others as needed. Can do the job. Both the web designer and the developer must understand the work of both (so that one can understand the work of the other, whether it is coding or graphics) and the full stack developer is nothing, everything!

Some tasks are mandatory in web design such as:- Logo design and logo position customization, banner/animated flush banner setup and customization (module and plug-in). Customizing the header and footer design to your own and others' needs (coordinating code and graphics). Setting up the design and position of sidebars, menu bars, buttons, etc. and taking care that the front-end template supports all devices large and small in mobile devices and PCs and all types of Internet browsers such as:- Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari Browser , Brave etc. The web browser should support parallelism and the design should not break and simply loading should be fast.

Naturally, being a web developer is more difficult than a web designer, although both parties have to be skilled in both aspects, one is design (combination of web graphics and coding design) and the other is pure, accurate, solid backend (problem solving) coding!! Those web coders work with a dot or a dot or a colon and semicolon, bracket, etc. symbols as very important because if he unknowingly mistypes a dot or makes a mistake in typing or makes an error in logical programming grammar, then all of his knowledge is lost. Bad debts will go into the recycle bin.

Both web designers and developers are second to none when it comes to earning money. However, their demand and need is still much higher than other freelancing categories.

Both web designers and developers need to use many software tools and have a lot of software in their collections. Server needs to work equally efficiently on site and offline. Website backup, web database server, client server and web security need to be very skillful and it is not desirable to do any kind of eccentricity in this professional work.

Many people think that oh his website is more beautiful than mine or my website is much better than his but actually such comparison is not correct. Again, many people think that the technology that I am using is not correct or they themselves do not know whether it is correct or not. Maybe it would be better if I write in another language or use another CMS. These are completely OLD ideas. If you are really skilled or try to be and if you have something unique in your head (Brain) and do not pay attention to copy pasted work and use individual imagination to make something exceptional, it is difficult but completely new! Only then will your work (design/development) be loved by fans. Never try to get compliments. Note that the work you have done is good for you. If you like the real vision, then you will understand that it will be attractive to other people too.


                                                                                                                              To be continue...



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       The creator is one! The Creator has no intention. He is unique. There is no end to his virtues. There is no end to his power. He is mighty. All the creations of the world are created by him. He is invisible in the reality of all visible objects!

All animals, trees, sky and air, oceans, seas are the creation of the great creator. All openly or secretly remember the Creator alone. All living beings always remember (consciously or unconsciously) their Creator through body and soul.

Humans are the best creatures among all the creatures of the world. Man alone is the most beloved creation of God. It is for the ghosts and the future of mankind that such a beautiful environment is created in this catch (nothing less than re-emergence after death). People do not want to leave such a beautiful world and go to heaven.

He created humans just as He created agricultural crops. Just as a plant that bears fruit from a seed dies by itself, so man from birth to death, when the soul is nourished, leaves the body (like the husk of a crop) and goes to a certain destination. What a wonderful game of destiny!

Most people do not believe in God because they do not see it. Although it seems ridiculous, it is not completely false. They say what I do not see with my own eyes, I do not believe in the words of the Guru. In fact only foolish people think of such sins (BAD) due to lack of knowledge.

Planets, stars, sun rise-set, tides, day-night, morning-afternoon, winter-summer are all performing their duties according to a rule. Is it so so so so!!! The Creator has given man a conscience or knowledge. Look, I am one with conscience. Find me and you will find me. Your life will be blessed if you find me. The Creator is found by truly seeking. Blessed are those who receive. You have to know how to ask, not only to see the desired object. The matter is certainly easy to come to the thought but equally difficult to grasp in oneself. This requires the help of the Creator Himself...He is kind, He can do anything He wills.

The Creator says become and everything becomes. Not even a leaf of the tree grows without his will. The sun rises in the east and never sets in the west, and the moon never shines in the light of the sun. They all worship one great creator (we do not understand their language, but we can understand their movement by observing them in the light of knowledge).

Like the Earth's solar system, there are hundreds of worlds and solar systems, Milky Ways, Galaxies, Universes, Multiverses, which are far beyond what a human can even imagine. In his tiny brain, he can only see as much as he is allowed to see (normally in front of the human eye). Given with an invisible veil) he does not understand even if he forgets). Man's conscience works well but he has never been given the knowledge to know and understand this great universe. Not given the ability to create a tiny atom/atom.... Man can only transform and share whatever material there is in the world, he has no ability to create anything, the creator is one! Who can create such a huge universe, and then he knows how big, how big? O Lord, there is no one who saves me except you (forgive me the little knowledge of this little brain of mine).

Surely what the creator knows, his creation does not know!

There is no one except the Creator. O my Creator, I have no one but you. Forgive me for all that I am. Forgive me for being too late to recognize and understand your signs. Show me your right path. Who else will want my selfless goodness other than you? If you want I will find the right light path. If you want me, I will not become a sinner, if you don't want me, I will not find the way of salvation. Forgive me for what I have done. O ocean of mercy, forgive me forever by the Maya (your created creation). I am ignorant, due to lack of knowledge, I still forget to recognize you, I forget to follow human religion. O sage, I will not ask you, who will I ask? Who cares more than you who have taught me to live under the scorching heat of the sun in my mother's womb? Is there any other way without being afraid of the one who created me from nothing and will take me to nothing? He is how big, how great!

O great creator gives me peace and wisdom to understand the difference and relationship between good and evil. As a human being, may I be pure inside and out and realize the purpose of your creation !


                                                                                                                             To be not to be...


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The Religion of Money

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        Just as in all religions all worship the same creator, so in the case of money the people of all religions are of the same religion (meaning the importance of money here). Creator is one! Which has no meaning? There is no second option in terms of money. But here many people mistakenly exaggerate as if they don't believe that money is the second God/Lord, then great sin will happen (May the Creator give us all the grace to understand)!

"We know what happens with money"?! Again, money is the root of failure...! Nominative and adjective adjectives of money are endless. Money is one of the few precious things in the world but money is not the most important thing: life/soul is worth more than money. Then it can be said that time is more valuable than money, as money can buy many things in the market, but time cannot be bought.

Is there any energy or strength in a paper note that can make a person successful? If a sick person buys medicine or spends money on good treatment, he will be cured. The poor become rich; he has no want/starvation. The neglected people of the society started to get dignity. He who has money also has people. He gets what he wants. On the other hand, those who do not have money do not have any price or value for what they want.

People do jobs for money, do business for money, steal bangles, rob, and cheat, etc. to earn money. Everything in this material world (real world) is not measured by money? Truth is silent where money speaks.

Many people despise this money! He said that money is nothing but dirt. But when that person's pocket runs out of money and he wanders on the road with an empty stomach, then he realizes how heavy an empty stomach and an empty pocket are, which he cannot carry.

Money is not always available to people and when it is, it should be saved for the future, but most people cannot do that. Men especially make this mistake more than women. Men earn more money, but they also spend more money. Due to which he has to be disoriented after some time in the financial crisis.

Learning by studying and earning money are two completely different things. The purpose of education is not to become big or rich. The purpose of education is never to earn money. The science of making money and the science of being a person (well-educated/self-educated) are never the same.

Not having money and not being able to earn money are two different things. The first thing is that at this moment my pocket is empty but suddenly something happened to me in which I got some privilege in the law of nature or something happened to me in which I got immense luck or privilege. In that case my income started or stopped. Due to this, my past life's pains and sufferings are no longer there or I have not done any work for a long time or used to do it but now I am working and my income is getting good. I am no longer empty pocketed as I was a few days ago; I have a lot of money coming into my account.

In the past, human civilization used Get to calculate crops; barter was then and now crypto currency electronic encrypted money is in circulation. As there is a relationship between these two, there is also a difference, but the real thing is exchange, i.e. changing one's needs or needs with another, but the medium has evolved over time.

Many people have enough money but do not know how or where to invest it. If money and knowledge are tied up, its purpose is defeated. It means that the more you impart knowledge, the more its light will increase and the more you use money, the more it will increase. Doomed to hold back! Therefore, if a lot of knowledge and a lot of money are tied to individuals or groups, the consequences will be dire.

The same money is used by each person for different purposes, such as businessmen buy and sell goods, students pay their school and college tuition fees, drug addicts do drugs, some use that money for prostitution or gambling, some build mosques and temples. Does it please? Which is white money and which is black depends entirely on the wishes, needs, needs and tastes of the person who has the money. Some are using money correctly, some are using money wrongly and some are misusing money.

Money is written on the word, if you want, you will be obliged to give it to the bearer. What is money? Money is a unit or medium of exchange for goods and services. The origin of the word money is from Latin. Around 5000 years ago, gold and silver coins were used as money to pay the debts of the soldiers in Asia Minor. Paper currency was first developed in Tang Dynasty China in the 7th century, where it was called "flying money". Basically 5 distinct forms are currently denoted as MONEY-

  1. Meaning of Statutory Empowerment
  2. Product meaning
  3. Representation means
  4. Trust money
  5. Commercial bank finance
  6. Metallic money
  7. Paper money

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Computer Security Basic Questions (User)

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  1. Do I know the name of my PC?
  2. Do I know my hard disk number?
  3. Can my PC view and read HTML pages from almost all servers on the current Internet?
  4. Do I use antivirus? What is the name of the antivirus?
  5. Is my operating system secure?
  6. What percentage of my operating system is immune to virus attacks?
  7. Is my PC password protected?
  8. Am I able to recover my PC password if I forget it?
  9. Have I been able to keep all my important passwords in a safe place?
  10. Is there any way I can recover all the data on my PC which is in different formats if it is destroyed due to an accident?
  11. Can I customize the login account on my computer?
  12. Do I know the vulnerabilities of my operating system?
  13. Am I able to clean up regular PC garbage or unnecessary data and programs at the end of daily work?
  14. Is it possible for me to make important configuration settings for the Internet with the operating system?
  15. Am I really safe using antivirus or is my antivirus expired?
  16. Do I understand the workings of Antivirus?
  17. Do I keep ideas on my PC without Antivirus?
  18. Should I use commercial operating system software or open source operating system?
  19. Can't I turn on all the control power on the operating system?
  20. Can I detect if someone else wants to access my PC while I am an internet user, that is, can I check myself?
  21. Can I group with another PC if I want to, that is, make a friendship communication connection when I need to share information?
  22. How can I identify if someone touches my PC without letting me know?
  23. Can I access my PC from mobile?
  24. Will I be able to exchange and communicate information from office to home PC or from home to office PC without any hassle?
  25. If someone unjustly attacks my PC, can I stop it?
  26. Can I keep all the data on my PC secret? Can I protect my password and user permissions?
  27. Don't I think it is appropriate and safe to transact money from my PC?
  28. Do I know the commands I need to execute to keep my PC healthy and safe and fast?
  29. Can I keep myself safe and comfortable by customizing the operating system of my choice?
  30. Can I customize and use my antivirus software?


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Child Education and Modern Technology Education

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          At some point in the adulthood we saw early childhood education. That method may seem ridiculous to many, but in fact it was a very good decision. In our country now the number of adult educated has increased at a significant rate. Nowadays in villages or in municipal cities, there is nothing like it. In the present day of 2020, which is in the eye? Later, it is often heard in the face of the people say I do not understand the mobile function!

This is just a problem for the less educated adults, but not at all. Graduates who know English are also eating Baseless while running Android Touch mobiles or laptops. Many senior people are absolutely scared, do not say father or I can’t run the mobile, I don't need to learn mobile. In fact, the problem is that these technologies are so new that they have been used before. It did not become possible for them. Learning to ride a bike or swim at first seems as difficult. Once it comes under control, it feels like a game later, it will be...

However, the purpose of our writing today is for those in their 30's and 60's. In their regular night, from 8am to 4pm, after the career, Sylhet and Chowk will be taking technology childhood education classes with pen drive and laptop. Those who can be connected with the activities of the organization are mobile, computer, laptop etc.

Must have the interest and ability to use the latest electric-electronics issues. We believe that there is no age for learning to know. And there is no end to learning...


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Are you a job seeker? Looking for a job?

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          You know, it is better to do your own work. But many times you need the help of others. Yes, that is why people are social creatures. However, today we will discuss how to apply for your job yourself? How to fill the job application form? How to find an accurate link and apply online?

First of all, job advertisers have some means to follow, such as: - Various magazines, websites, etc.

Newspapers include: Weekly job postings, Prothom Alo, Jugantar etc. We see more or less job advertisements in almost all the newspapers.

Website based ads: The same ads and many more ads are found on websites, such as: Job-Seekers, BD-Jobs, Bangla Cyber , etc.

After collecting the initial information from these mediums, you need to think about the application process. Of course, the husband is given his initials with the advertisement. It should be understood a few times later. The application can be done online or offline. If you have to apply offline, you have to send the information form of the candidate through post office / courier service. At the end there is a link which is called web link. For example:

Http: //teletalk/jobform.com or


These are the two types of links. For government jobs it is usually like a link to Teletalk and in the case of private or private companies it may be like dot com or dot bd. And if you do not know the link, then go straight to Google. Search with the original "keyword". The list that will come up in Google, make sure that there is a similarity between the link you are searching for on the subject matter or the description below it.

However, according to the link, the page that will come, you have to take a good look at the page in which category you want to apply for the job? If there is more than one category, then click on the radio button, select and move forward. Here you have to input the correct information, you have while filling the form. If you do not have any information or if you have any doubts, refrain from filling up the form. Complete the work with an experienced person or an expert from a local shop.

Usually birth year, voter ID number, next year there are many mistakes in filling these, so you have to be aware of them. Students are requested to adopt a strategy, which is to copy and paste the SSC or HSC roll and registration number from the Google web base result directly from this webpage by viewing the student's marksheet information from the official data repository. All you have to do is enter your name, parent's name, address, roll, registration, year of birth, etc. on the job form. The image is then given a specific size, such as: 300 pixels multiplied by 300 pixels (100 kilobytes) and scanned by typing your own signature and browsing at a certain place by approximately 300 pixels multiplied by 80 pixels (50 kilobytes). You have to upload. Each organization can give different sizes and sizes, it must be taken seriously. There will be no such thing as one-size ad neiechara mendatari has some form of mandatory fill them. These mandatory forms are marked with * (star) next to the cells which means that the form will not be filled if this cell is not filled. If everything is correct in the mentioned job advertisement, then by clicking on the Next button, the complete form will be displayed in front of you in the form of a profile. If all is well, click on the submit button. 10 to 15 seconds after the submission, a final page will appear where the print and download will be written. Clicking on the download button will save the file as a soft copy in PDF format inside the computer. Then you can print a hard copy if you want.

Now let's talk about payment. Although you can apply online, there are many people who have problems with payment. Most of the applicants have to run after the application to find out who has a Teletalk SIM or Sure Cash, B-Cash to find these payment methods. There are some organizations that have started filling up the application form with advance payment 72 hours after the last date of payment of the application to be rejected is not complete.

If the payment is successful, one / two short message will be sent to the personal mobile number of the candidate. According to the ID number in that message, you have to send the return message by writing the code number given in the paper mentioned in the advertisement. (The message has to be sent exactly as written by the authority.) If everything is correct, a successful message will be found mentioning ID password. Download and print the entry form from the same website using the password as per the announcement of the specified time and the test center, and the time it will be possible to know about the information.


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Why are Freelancers Unsuccessful !

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       Even today's shorts-wearing mobile phone-wielding underage kids know the meaning of freelancer. Free profession Outsourcing is the work done by freelancers independently without being contracted to anyone. Freelancing and outsourcing are the back and forth of the coin. Understanding the meaning of one leads to the understanding of the other.

There is a misconception among many that one cannot become a freelancer if one is not very talented or intelligent. It means nothing like that, students whose roll number is always from 1 to 10 in the class can do freelancing only for them. And the rest are asses. It may not be possible for them to become a freelancer. They have to be forced, garment workers or grocers or any number of other professions. Freelancing outsourcing or mobile related technology jobs or business must be smart business (sophisticated and modern).

A few days ago, many bankers did not know the name of the freelance profession. When opening an account, he frowned and said, "Is this a profession again?"

Nowadays, it is often heard that someone was a humanities student, but computer programming is not a good thing, but he is earning dollars from the internet online. It is also heard that the girls are now sitting at home and earning a good amount of money by freelancing and outsourcing.

In fact, what is the matter here? Why this dilemma, foggy and smoky in this free profession illusion? What is the right training to succeed in the free profession? Fresher’s have hundreds of such questions which they are constantly looking for answers online or offline. In search once they get frustrated and feel hopeless and feel themselves failed and want to get rid of this profession.

Some time life and reality forced him to join any other profession against his choice. In underdeveloped countries, freelancing is defined as being able to earn dollars in any way through the internet online. There is no compulsion to memorize programming code for this. On the other hand, in advanced technology countries, they are considered as outsourcers if they can do quality work on time by other skilled workers, whether they have talent or qualification. People of low technology countries do it and people of advanced technology countries do it. Some are artisans, some are artists. The original sense of the artist is certainly more than that of the craftsman.
Freelancing teaches a few key success factors:

The mindset of starting everything from scratch is to strengthen humanity.
Utilize the necessary tools for better communication.
Creating the humanity of constantly learning something new.
Increase social interaction.
Dealing with problems with great patience and persistence.
Backing up data.
Practice and maintain practice.
Having a regular business plan instead of being a freelancer or freelancer forever.
Having lots of money in hand is actually protecting yourself from making big bad decisions.
Trying to be 99% proficient in any subject of computer and mobile technology.
Keeping a clear and transparent understanding of the means of money transactions.
Use the latest technology to protect your projects.
Try to teach yourself without learning from anyone.
Assessing time.
Finishing any work started.
Being honest and aware of responsibility.
Learning from failure and not making the same mistakes over and over again.
Not imitating or duplicating others.
Regular hardworking mind to retain humanity.
Relying on the power of imagination rather than the power of will.
Love your work with joy. Don't underestimate small tasks.
Accelerating the growth of work results by making work more productive.
Before starting each task, foresee what the outcome will be or may be during the work and at the end of the work.
Acknowledging (identified) any limitations or deficiencies in one's work, competence, skills, technology and taking corrective action immediately.
Have short-term, long-term and lifetime strategic goal setting.
Keeping the mindset of learning as well as earning.
It is unwise (foolish) to switch to another subject until one has acquired complete competence and competence.


Monday, 07 August 2023 18:52

Some Reasons for Freelancing Career Failure

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1. Give up in frustration.
2.Lack or absence of necessary equipment for technical communication.
3.Having little or no linguistic ability or competence.
4.Not having the minimum knowledge about financial transactions such as dollar, cryptocurrency, banking  payment system, mobile banking, e-commerce, m-commerce, SSL gateway.
5.Lack of proper planning or not being able to properly plan.
6.Being interested in one subject at a time and finally not being able to master any subject completely.
7.Not being aware of the International Global Time Table.

8.Inability to produce quality work output.
9.Staying up at night or getting sick physically and mentally due to overwork.
10.Swimming in the world of the Internet and losing yourself in the wrong way.
11.Doing unimportant purposeless tasks without doing what needs to be done first.
12.Not being able to do the right thing at the right time.
13.Not being honest and aware of one's responsibility.
14.Afraid to work.
15.Accepting failure without trying again and again (thinking that nothing will happen by me).
16.Inability to solve ethical and technical problems for a long time.
17.Inability to work or learn by determining which subjects are in high demand.
18.Lack of a guide liner.
19.Not having the humanity of working in a team or group means having the humanity of working alone.
20.Don't harbor the misconception that you will learn full-time work and then start freelancing.
21.I'm not a science student so I don't think there would be much in computer programming.
22.Afraid to maintain contact with buyers or clients hesitation.



Monday, 07 August 2023 18:51

People Should Have Spiritual Knowledge

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         Man is born (created) to find the Creator (as he/she understands). But alas, an unfortunate human race! It is not possible in this life! Ah, pain! One dissatisfaction, one deprivation, the secret of a wonderful creation! Wise saints, monks, scientists or religious people are also depressed and upset about this! All his life's meditations, knowledge, and data all become useless whenever the Creator is mentioned. The limitations of man's power become apparent only when he seeks the mystery of his life's creation. A scientific fact is that Nine (9) remains incomplete. Human wisdom deceives him/her. In fact, it takes some time to realize that there are limitations to human knowledge, but it is evident that in a certain area, a veil of transparent fog is drawn in front of it. Beyond this, he is the most intelligent man in the world and does not understand anything!

There is a thing called Five (5) Senses (Panch Indriya), which refers to the combination of the five senses such as eyes, ears, nose, mouth, skin and tongue [Sight or Vision, Hearing or Audition, Smell, Taste or Gustation,Touch or Taxation]. There is another thing called the sixth sense that can control the five senses. That is the mind (the combination of invisible senses). This invisible feeling (mind-brain) like the handle of a chest (Handle!) holds up the other five. The five senses are worthless without the sixth sense. We can understand the six (5+1=6) sense in many ways, it may be just a feeling to some, may be mind, may be brain, may be life, may be self (who knows how). People of all religions of the world follow some religion. Even those who do not believe in religion at all believe in the existence of a creator. At one time believed in the existence of a creator.

Even though highly intelligent personalities deny the existence of a creator, they feel that there must be something, maybe not visible to the eye! Otherwise, the world is so big that people are nothing! (Insignificance, insignificance) ! It is impossible for that man to create or control such a big world, trees and plants, soil, Great Ocean, vast sky, wind, guard-mountains. It is not possible for humans to stop aging. It means that people have many limitations regarding their own life. Even though there are so many limitations, there are some 

people who consciously break the spiritual relationship of the Creator with their reasoning and wisdom. It may seem to them for a moment that they will probably live forever. They will never die. The world seems to remain as it is now. And if sudden death occurs, he will rot. Last word...

Alas, an unfortunate team! He who has not discovered that this human being has a purpose does not know himself. What is meant by common knowledge; if there is a little change, how would this kind of thinking of this class of people be if "he was a woman instead of a man" if he was a devil instead of a man? It could be a domesticated animal or a tree (which also has life). Jins, Aliens, Angels, highly intelligent beings, I left it out ! There are categories of extrovert, improved, and ambivert among humans, and so also among Devils and Jins. Humans are visible creations of the creator on earth, but Saitan, Angels, and Jinn are not visible creations. This is not the case. Humans are seen by all other creatures but humans are not seen by them (very few are lucky enough to see it). Jins, Angels, and Soul, Saitan follow humans but humans do not follow anyone ! Everyone else sees people. Seeing them with envy, and regret. He/she will never get a free human life like this ! This opportunity is only available once! There is no chance to come! There is no option to stay in this world forever if you want.


In all religions, parents are held in a place of honor. If you think about it, you can understand that parents also have parents. They are also given birth by someone or they are also given the opportunity to come into the world through their parents. This is exactly how all human groups, tribes, and races have originated. Everyone looks the same. So did such a large community of human beings transform from single-celled aquatic animals to what they are today through the freakish evolution of nature without just ears? If Nature’s will is given primacy, then Nature is also subject to time. In fact, everything from nature to the cosmic universe, to the light of the sky, to the layer of darkness, is beneficial for people.
Every man must give an account of his life. Every word, deed, and thought must be accounted for. Earth is basically a testing ground for humans. After a certain period of time (through death) one has to come out of the world (from the hall of examination). After death, the real life of man begins. Humans' Souls (100-1000 thousand years ago) will return to the same place from where they came. Like people, the world will be divided into a breath! (There will be no world, no body, no book, no examination hall) Basically, human beings are born or created for goodness. And within man, there is the duality of Saitan, just as there is male and female.

Saitan is hidden inside the mind of every sane person. As always Shadow Boxing, the good and the bad are the same! Saitan's job is to change what is good to bad and good man's job is to seek out what is good. It is the responsibility of each person to find out whether the power of good or evil is greater between these two (Su versus Ku) by judging and analyzing deeply from his living conscious self. It requires a little meditation, knowledge, wisdom, and a flow of solitary practice (Meditation, Prayer, Yoga, ESP, Quantum, Salat)!

Shouldn't we think about where people sleep? When he wakes up, where does he get his vitality back from? Is it necessary to understand? If the ego does not come back to the body, can you understand what will happen? If the breath (Air) is suddenly stopped for three (3) minutes (try suffocation), doesn't it smell like death?

However, we live in the bosom of nature, we live, and all these events are automatically controlled. Our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents are all born and created. We (Mankind) are not (cannot be) lords of anyone. Basically, people are alone. A man alone is nothing in the world; compared to a woman he is weaker, in short, nothing. However, the two must catch one. (Until the period of life) {I.e. until the age of life and youth} Both men and women are alone at birth and alone at death. Alone is partial but not complete in itself. Let alone any human being, from the beginning to the end of the whole world, all (All) human beings together (Male and Female) cosmic great power is that invisible (but clearly visible - as we see ourselves in nature) great mighty power (here Atoms/Sub Atoms of matter, Nucleus, Electrons, Protons are not meant) {or electro-magnetic waves} cannot be compared to its [as we understand it] Million, Billion, Trillion, Micro, Tetra, Neno parts...!

Finally to understand His (Creator's) purpose of creation (Nature, Solar System, Galaxies, Black Holes, Big Bang, Milky Way, Dark Matter, Particles) to carry out His will requires conscious spiritual communication through the proper application of the Sixth (5+1) Sense (Divine Resources); Which has no alternative clause.......


   ( to be continue…)


Article by: Saroar Mamun

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Monday, 07 August 2023 18:50

Women and Technology

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     Our college and university students are often seen writing computer skills like MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Email, Browsing etc. in their CVs. But is it actually a part-time job or full-time?

Can he give any one of the tasks during the job? If you think deeply about how much you can do, it's a lot!!

Many people say that they are useless! I give what I need to give. Yes this is also partly true. But the reality is that no matter where you go, whatever work you start, you cannot skip/top the ladder of success as all kinds of businesses are dependent on computers these days. Even if you can, it will be a lot of trouble.

The biggest thing is that the functions of these official software’s are once most needed by themselves. So, wherever you are, learn the functions of office software, and even if you don't have the opportunity, keep it up by any means. Many have certificates but can't do anything while working. Because there is no practice. Especially for girls: As girls have to deal with many social rules and hostile environment, naturally there are many gaps in their opportunities. So even if you don't have time, if you can take a proper plan, then it will be seen that you can do a lot of good work with little learning.

If you want to point to the eyes, you have to say in detail:

 Always keep some notes or books/magazines on the computer close at hand. If you have time, blink for 20-30 minutes. In this, even big complex things will suddenly seem easy to you.

Use a small notebook + pencil so that when a valuable piece of information comes up or an idea comes up quickly, you don't forget it in the rush of work.

Review (re-evaluate). The human nature of learning a little bit every day strengthens human memory and experience. We often look for short cuts. Remember that slow and hard learning method is always more effective in learning. Many people do not have a personal computer (PC) in this case Android mobile is the only way. And if that is not there is no problem. Hand notes are the only hope.


 Will not go without Hal. Currently, the price of PC has reduced so much that it goes without saying. But there are many people whose PC is getting damaged later on but they are not doing any work or do not know anything about such work. Unbelievable but true there are 90% of such people (users) all over the world. So no PC is just a problem in computer learning. In the current context of Bangladesh, if you have a little effort and patience, you will find it. Many chatris face such a problem before entering the job after completing their studies that if someone had shown them a little, the previous learning would have been lost.


I could remember things. Now it's interview time!! Many complain that training centers do not teach well. I don't know how much percentage is true. But the main thing is to learn


By itself programs on CD and hand notes, tutorials will do nothing. You have to take it into account. Try to use your brain!


Monday, 07 August 2023 18:49

Sticks of Wisdom

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21 “Sticks of Wisdom”


  1. Localize the present and be grateful for the past.
  2. It is better to donate Rs 1 than to hold Rs 100.
  3. Saving money is better than making money.
  4. Better to earn 1000/-Rs to find a good side.
  5. Sorrow is the dowry of redemption. Sadness that moves from darkness to light.
  6. If you are hungry, Rice with solt also fills your stomach with fun.
  7. Sin is the product of ignorance. Virtue, like sin, must be kept secret.
  8. Will bring you happiness.
  9. It is better to keep distance from strong neighbors.
  10. It is better not to sin than to repent bitterly.
  11. When confidence creeps in, worry runs away.
  12. Fighting against fear is all about fighting against humanity.
  13. Communication and goodness is the ladder to the top.
  14. There are no rules or paths to success.
  15. It is better to take a familiar path, not straight along an unfamiliar path.
  16. Use communication with others as you would expect them to.
  17. People misrepresent common emotions
  18. The fight is best when it is fought against yourself.
  19. Self-talk means keeping yourself in writing.
  20. Hunger peeps at the neck of the working man but does not get support from the neck.
  21. Talent is the fruit of hard work through intense desire.

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       Plan number 01: If your hands are empty, then add that amount of money in any way so that it is possible to buy at least one item. That's all the work of human power, the rest will be done by applying business principles and strategies. The first thing to do is to determine the market demand of the product that you want to sell and make a profit, that is, the demand for this product should be twice as much as any other product. The product should be able to be purchased by yourself. Car rental costs must be saved and effort must be made to save, at least pay special attention to the cost of car rental while traveling. Because the capital is raised only for one shipment or purchase of goods! You have to sell. Of course, you have to target and sell the product at double price or price. You have to sell the product by determining the place and the container. One thing that is important to keep in mind is that since the capital is very little, you are going to take a little more risk at each step. The brain must be embedded, this thought cannot be removed from the head. A simple principle of business is that, "The risk is high, the profit is high, the risk is low, and the profit is low".

Buy the product from where you buy it keeping in mind that you can make a profit. Since you are buying for resale and not as a consumer, you have to make a profit at the time of purchase and sell it at a profit. After buying the product Relax or rest for some time. But not too much time. During this time, a reasonable plan should be made to think about where the product will go, to whom it can be easily sold for double profit. Perhaps you should start working towards a specific goal with a planned idea. The product must be sold. There must be a sound business rationale for selling at double the price. There is a huge demand for the product but the product is not widely available or available. This is the trade secret. Need to divide the purchased product into two parts, so that the first part is the capital of the product and the second part is the profit. The product has to be sold efficiently with a little time. Strategy can be applied. Importance should be given to the aspect that the quality of the purchased product should not be lost. The money sold cannot be spent on any other work or need. If possible, the product should be bought and sold again in the same process with the full money immediately after the sale. This should be done thrice in a day if possible.

Must be successful the first time
the first day must be successful
First week should be successful
the first month should be successful
the second month should be successful
the third month should be successful.

In this case, the number and quantity of capital and goods will increase. For that, all the necessary facilities and disadvantages should be regularized with privacy and security. After 100 days, if there is a need to change the business, it can be changed.

Plan No. 02: If I need to buy something that I need or want, I will. Then if he buys the product wholesale and keeps the profit part for consumption and sells the rest of the products at the original price, your product is also bought and some additional income is also created. In this way, an opportunity to easily make a profit can be created.

Example: If you buy 12 soaps and get one free, then the total soap is 13. If one is needed, the remaining 12 can be sold and the capital can be recovered. Again, in the logic of buying many products at once, it must be possible to buy at a price lower than the retail price. Here too, a possibility of profit can be seen by buying.

Correct place of sale of goods: Example: A train ticket is purchased with great difficulty by standing in line or through people. It was suddenly decided to cancel the visit for any reason. The ticket must be beaten which means it will be lost. If this ticket can be bought at the counter 10-20 minutes before the departure of the train then no one will want to buy it at a high price. Because it is not possible for many people to stand in long queues or buy tickets in black. This is an opportunity seeking business strategy!!!

Will continue…

Plan No. 03:


Monday, 07 August 2023 18:35

100 Questions about Freelancing?

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  1. What is freelancing?
  2. How many types of freelancing and what are they?
  3. Who are the freelancers?
  4. What is outsourcing?
  5. How many types of outsourcing and what are they?
  6. What tools do you need to do freelancing?
  7. What do you need to know to do freelancing?
  8. How much money can be earned by freelancing?
  9. Do you need to know English to do freelancing?
  10. Is there an age limit for freelancing?
  11. Where can I learn freelancing or take a course?
  12. How much does it cost to freelance?
  13. Can I learn online freelancing at home?
  14. Can I earn part-time by freelancing?
  15. How long does it take to learn freelancing?
  16. Can I earn money by learning freelancing?
  17. What are the differences between foreign freelancers and domestic freelancers?
  18. How do I get the money earned by freelancing?
  19. What are the misconceptions of freelancing?
  20. Pay to click or pay per click what kind of freelancing work?
  21. What is freelance fraud?
  22. What are the barriers to learning to do freelancing?
  23. What are the possibilities of freelancing in the context of Bangladesh?
  24. What is an online marketplace?
  25. Is internet connection and computer PC mandatory for freelancing?
  26. Who are the successful freelancers in our country?
  27. Are there specific books or tutorials about freelancing or where can you find them?
  28. How much educational qualification do you need to learn or do freelancing?
  29. Which of the following is the most sought after job in freelancing?
  30. Is there any license for freelancing?
  31. What is freelancing?
  32. What is a bid? How to bid?
  33. What is verification? How many types of verification and what are they?
  34. What are the easiest, safest ways to transact money online?
  35. What is a merchant company? What is the role of merchant companies?
  36. What is the Freelancing Readiness Test?
  37. How Much Money Does an Online Marketplace Make After Dating?
  38. Screw- what?
  39. What are milestones?
  40. What are the reasons that the account profile of freelancers may be suspended?
  41. What's a gig? How to make a gig?
  42. What are fixed jobs and overly jobs? What is the difference?
  43. What is skill?
  44. What is rating, feedback, review?
  45. What is tracking desktop software and how to use it?
  46. What is the proposal?
  47. What is a cover letter? How to make a cover letter?
  48. What is contact? How is the contact number determined?
  49. How many bids can be made daily or monthly?
  50. Who is client? How many types of clients?
  51. What is withdraw? How to withdraw money?
  52. What is Master Card Visa Card, Nexus Card?

Monday, 07 August 2023 18:34

What is HTML ?

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       The details of H.T.M.L are "Hyper Text Markup Language". This is the most popular and necessary web language in the world of Internet. When we open any browser, we can see what this language looks like. 100% of the websites or webpages in the world that we see on our mobile or laptop or computer screen are displayed thanks to this H.T.M.L For example: Facebook page, Google, Yahoo, Amazon, etc. all types of websites are made with H.T.M.L language.

To see how the H.T.M.L code looks like, first open any browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Opera Mini, Parle MoonBrave Browser Software and click the right button of the mouse. View Page Source Click on this menu, how many codes will come out. The primary codes of any webpage can be viewed like this.

H.T.M.L has another sibling language which can be understood by comparing it with a coin or coin. A coin has two sides. Both aspects are important. One is dead without the other. The same applies to HTML + CSS. See details in CSS: Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Just as we design various graphics in Photoshop, CSS for web page design works in the same way as Photoshop. CSS codes are not normally seen in HTML pages. The codes are activated by placing them separately through the link code, but the CSS code works very well even if written inside the HTML. Muscles of the body, nose, mouth and eyes, without which the body will not look like a human will look like a ghost. So H.T.M.L code looks like a ghost at first, then after matching color, size, font, right-left, etc. with CSS, the actual design or design emerges. Web design actually means these two languages. It is done with Java and PHP languages ​​are fully functional scripts. Most of their codes are hidden on the server but their results are exposed through HTML + CSS combination web pages. In short, all other programming languages ​​also depend on this HTML + CSS.

The most important website to learn Html, Css web designing is www.w3cschool.com.This website has all the necessary computer languages, especially the programming languages ​​used for web developing, with proper tutorials. Totally free.


Types of H.T.M.L

H.T. M. L
D. H. T. M. L
XH. T. M. L
X. M. L


What is HTML Editor?


The HTML editor is called WYSIWYG. That is, what you see is what you get.

  • Notepad/Notepad++
  • Dreamweaver
  • CoffeeCup HTML Editor
  • Apache NetBeans
  • Froala WYSIWYG HTML Editor

    These are webpage editor software like MS Word. Their job is to automatically cut the beginning and end of the code that needs to be written. Also, some drag and drop designs are possible by dragging and dropping with the mouse. The main concept or power is taken by the brain. If the plan is set in the brain, how to input some codes, then it is possible to design a complete webpage even using the normal notepad software.


Basic HTML Code: HTML Boilerplate


<DOCTYPE html>

<html lang="en">

<html> start

<head> head start

<meta charset="UTF-8">
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">
<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="ie=edge">
<title>HTML 5 Boilerplate</title>

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/style.css">

<title>I am the webpage title</title>

</head> head end


<body> body start


<div id=header> start

<h1>I am the webpage header</h1>

</div> header end

<div id=content> start

<p>this is a paragraph</p>

</div> content end

</div> <!--this is an html comments-->

<script src="/index.js">

This is java script file linking code line like Bootstrap



</body> body end


</html> html end

You have to write this much and save it. It is very important when saving that the page should be written as home or index and saved by writing HTML with a dot, for example: home.html / index.html. If you notice, you can see where the file is saved. The file is not displayed as an ordinary file. The file is displayed as an icon of an Internet browser software, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer! This is the first web page! Double click will open and you will see two normal lines on the page or The sentence is so. One “I am the header of the web page” Two “This is a paragraph.” This is the basic principle of creating a website or web page: just as the camera is focused on the screen from the back of the movie screen, if you write something in the backend and save it, everything is displayed like the movie screen in the front end.


Basic CSS Code:



margin: 0px;



background-color: orange;

background-image: url("/img/matriximg.jpg");

background-attachment: fixed;

background-repeat: no-repeat;

background-position: center;









Save style.css by writing it like this: style.css


  • Attribute
  • Property
  • Tag                                                                    

                                              To be continue...

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        First open Photoshop. Get new document. Give the size of the new document in inches, length = 3.5, width = 2 and select the color mode CMYK mode and finally give the resolution 300 pixels. Give it to him.

Click view > Ruler (Control+R) from the top menu. The ruler scale will appear after the menu bar. Then drag the ruler around the white area and release.

Now click on the Image menu from the top menu (Control+C). Click on the Canvas Size option.


In the Canvas dialog box, first check the Relative checkbox if it is unchecked to get equal mean bleed area from fourpass. Since it is equal from all sides, it means that the bleed portion has to be determined, so the length and width will be the same, 0.25 and I will do it. Then the part of the extra 0.25 size that we can see, just like before, I will draw the ruler scale and set four around it.


After determining the bleed area, now the task is to determine another area of ​​0.25 which is called the print area. The print area will also be the same size. For this, we will select the Rectangle Marquee Tool from the left pass toolbar Control + M. Then drag the Marquee Tool at the edge of the small rectangle created by the double ruler to create a selection rectangle area of ​​the same size. Press Control + Plus to zoom in and enlarge if necessary. take a look


Now select the selection rectangle area with the move tool, drag it downwards and place the corner inwards and set it to the place of the print area. Now it's time to pull the ruler.


Just look and set the rulers as nicely as before. The bleed, print and design area of ​​your visiting card is now ready. Now design as desired. In fact, your work will now be considered very professional.


Now we will look at the size of the rounded visiting card. Select the Rectangle tool from the left-hand menu. Then drag and select our 3.50 whole rectangle. We will see that a new layer has been created in the layer option.


Then select the Rounded Rectangle tool again and customize from the top tool menu, such as Radium 30 pixels, select Excluded Overlapping from the Path Operation tool, turn off Stoke Color and fill it with any desired color.


Now, except 0.25 part of the first ruler, I will make a rounded shape below that part.


Finally, in the same way, just turn off the fill color and select the stoke color to draw another rounded rectangle shape. This is the die cut for our rounded business card.








Monday, 07 August 2023 18:31

What is Computer Hardware Servicing?

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      Computer hardware servicing is the method or technique used to manage all the body parts of a computer if it fails to function properly. Money had to be spent. But now computers are so cheap Everyone thinks about buying a new computer if it costs money. Also, since they have learned to setup Windows software and do basic hardware troubleshooting, there is no need for computer hardware servicing anymore. Yes, that's right you can now become known as a Lord of the Rings. Many people understand that computer hardware can work but his own computer has been useless for a long time. Because he doesn't have time to sit down with it, again, there are many who don't even want to clean their PC for fear of being ruined! They will be in the same situation as the VCR servicing makers, then someone else will go to the store and use the computer Do not want to get it sireale maintain. Whoever has a problem, he will try to solve it himself or he will leave it in vain.


What are the problems that need PC or laptop servicing (troubleshooting)?


  1. Computer power comes but the picture does not come on the monitor?
  2. When the computer is fully turned on, do the screen show zigzag lines of different colors or tingle?
  3. Suddenly “blue-screen” or black screen appears on the computer?
  4. After running for a while, the computer speed becomes very slow?
  5. Does the body of the computer become very hot?
  6. Does the PC hang when you enter the website on the internet?
  7. Is the computer making loud noises after starting?
  8. DVD tray not opening? Or opening automatically again and again and closing again?
  9. Your PC is not taking "operating system" such as Windows or Linux setup?
  10. Windows logo comes and restarts on your PC again and again?
  11. Another command coming when you press the mouse?
  12. Inverted letters coming to the computer keyboard?
  13. Mouse cursor visible but not moving?
  14. Which software is not being installed properly?
  15. Even if some software is uninstalled, it is not being removed or deleted?

Here is a list of the most common problems for computers. There are also thousands of problems.


Monday, 07 August 2023 18:29

How to Shop Online?

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1st part

       Shopping online is as fun as it is easy! Although shopping is a pleasure, it can be a hassle if you can't buy the product of your choice. To be honest, shopping online is not an easy task. This is because everyone has to abide by the rules and regulations. Not everyone can do the transaction according to these rules or they do not have all the necessary tools at hand for them to enjoy the opportunity to buy a product even if they suddenly like it online. It is not possible. In such a situation, a buyer has to depend on another person or organization.

We need to find the answers to the first few questions:

  1. How to pay money online?
  2. What is a debit card? What is a credit card? What is a nexus card? What are Visa and MasterCard?
  3. What are Bitcoin and Encrypt money (Cryptocurrency)?
  4. Bikash, UKash, Rocket,, Sure Cash What kind of ( M commerce) transaction medium are these?
  5. What is a merchant account? How many types of merchants are there? Who are these for?
  6. What is the means of delivery of goods (Product)? How to get the purchased product on hand?
  7. What is meant by product quality?
  8. Do you have to pay more for the product when buying online?
  9. Is it mandatory to pay online after ordering the product?


What is the Billing address?
What is the Sipping Address?
What is the Payment Method?
What is Product Delivery?
What is Courier Service? How does it work?
What is a Credit Card? What is Debit Card?

2nd part



Monday, 07 August 2023 18:28

What is Photoshop Basic?

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         Photoshop is a popular graphics software. A big company named Adobe provides this Photoshop software. It is a commercial software. Also, there is another free open-source software named "Gimp" which is very popular graphics software. Adobe software is the most popular in the world. Very cheap copies of these software are available in the DVD market in all country.

The versions of Adobe Photoshop are:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, CS, CS-2, CS-3, CS-4, CS-5, CS-6, CC-13 > > > CC-23



In what year did Adobe software start?

Adobe Photoshop software is commonly used for photo editing in studios. Besides, this software is now a gem for web designing. Most of the graphics used on web sites are done using this software. Because it is very easy to use and its tradition is very old. So most of the experts can run this software.

Along with Photoshop software, Adobe company has another important software that controls printing graphics. The name of this software is Adobe Illustrator. It works on print output with 4 colors. Usually after finishing the work in Photoshop, the print output is set up with Illustrator graphics software or the final setup output is given. Such as various Banners, Posters, Visiting-cards, Book covers etc. are almost all printed with this software.

These Photoshop "Graphics Expert" people are earning the most money in the current IT corporate freelancing world. There is also a lot of demand for it! Apple company's laptop or desktop computer is definitely the best for doing graphics work. Also, graphics software can be done very well on any PC. But in this case, RAM (Random Access Memory) and graphics card should be increased.

First we need to know:

What is the title bar?

Answer: After opening Photoshop, the long bar at the top, where the initial name of a document appears, is called the title bar.

Then you need to know what Menu bar?

Answer: The second bar that contains File, Edit, Image, Layer, Select, View, etc. is the main Menu bar.

After that, what is the Tool bar?

Answer: The bar containing different images like small icons or faces under the menu bar is called tool bar. When any tool is selected with the mouse, its options or functions are displayed here and changed.

What is Taskbar?

Answer: Taskbar is the bar at the bottom of the software windows is called Taskbar.

What are Photoshop Tools?

Photoshop tools means tools just like a mason or a carpenter or an artist needs a list of tools needed while designing graphics in photoshop. They can be found right-left or above right after installing photoshop. There are numerous icon-like faces arranged below. A designer needs to use these tools or equipment. If you click and hold the mouse on any tool from the tool bar, you can see several hidden tools hidden inside it. Each The student should learn the use of each tool and then use any 2 or 3 tools more than any 2 or 3 tools according to his preference, such as the Pen tool.

Using the Pen tool is the most popular of all the tools in Photoshop. You have to remember the name of each tool. You have to click and hold on the tool icon to observe the functions hidden inside it. How to make a Button, how to make a Web banner, Visiting card, how to make a Picture from a photo or passport size Photo etc. There are many tasks that cannot be finished, without mixing these tasks together, if you learn which tasks are considered professionally. Career should be built after thinking according to the plan before jumping into work. Those who will learn as a hobby is a different matter altogether.


The Filter menu, like other tools in Photoshop, is very important and fun. Here are some auto pre-made effects that when applied to any photo instantly changes the design of the photo in an amazing way. This is the real magic area of ​​Photoshop

The use of the Brush tool in Photoshop is so important. Think about it. Can an artist use paint without a brush? It's the same thing here. If you select and hold the brass tool, more types of custom brass will appear in front of you. After selecting the color and placing the mouse on the new file, the appearance of the brass will appear. According to your needs, you can download and install various software from the internet online.


Not to mention the use of Style tools. It's a great tool. It is not designed to fill any selected area with a specific design. There are many styles available for free download from the internet and some plugins, brushes, styles, wallpapers etc are valuable by default with the Photoshop disk purchased from our local stores. Data is available, you can check them and get benefits.

Many people find it difficult or unable to buy Photoshop tutorial package DVDs and learn by watching at home. There is simply everything organized by project. So where is the real problem?

What is a keyboard shortcut?


Keyboard shortcuts are one such technique!

To be continuing…


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How to make CV / Curriculum Vitae?

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Episode: 1


         Life Cycle in Bengal and Curriculum Vitae in English which is abbreviated as Curriculum Vitae (CV). Curriculum Vitae (CV) can be of several types. Generally for any institutional requirement a person may be required to produce and submit a CV or Curriculum Vitae .

How to make a Curriculum Vitae (CV) yourself?

There are some things that are good for writing letters, writing applications, writing life stories, doing these things yourself. Because it's a very important thing. If a job seeker submits a CV for himself in a type job and he can't write his own CV, how will he do other people's work? Creating your own CV is a basic minimum requirement. Creating your own CV, not just for job seekers, but for students of all classes, especially for students, is a special skill or ability that will be useful throughout life.

Commercial stores usually produce 1-page or 2-page Curriculum Vitae. Those who create a brand-new CV (students, Fresh, Novice) first make a 5-page Curriculum Vitae. And in the case of those who are old employees or whose qualifications are much higher (Expert, Master) it is seen that they are using 3/4 page Curriculum Vitae. We also see wedding Curriculum Vitae or family contact Curriculum Vitae being made in commercial computer stores. The point is, learning a CV is a very rewarding and commendable skill.

The CV can be created and used by downloading the CV from the Internet online. Every kind of CV format is available in the Internet world. But it is best to make it from a local computer. Formatting a CV is a very important issue for any competing Pathani job candidates, as there are hundreds of thousands of talented and qualified people who will try to survive on various strategies with their own ideas, abilities and their creativity. In these cases, the interviewers are very skilled so that they can understand with their Curriculum Vitae in hand that any CV has been composed by them or made from the shop or downloaded from the internet with the help of copy-paste. It is certainly not a matter of shame because the reality is that it is a matter of one's will and taste. Thousands of people are employed, they all got jobs by writing a CV in their own hands? No matter what it is! Creating your own Curriculum Vitae means just an outward manifestation of one's own personality. How important can a biography of just 2 pages be that in the case of a Curriculum Vitae (CV) job, "if approved", the person will spend 20-30 years in the job. In a word, a 2-page CV means that a "person" is selling himself in the job market!

# What is the difference between Bengali "Biography" and English "Curriculum Vitae"?

1.Bengali Curriculum Vitae:

2.English Curriculum Vitae

Use of Bangla Curriculum Vitae:

In general, Bangla life is often used more in the field of public servants. Bengali Curriculum Vitae (CV) is also prevalent in case of family acquaintance or marriage Curriculum Vitae (CV). Besides, Bangla Curriculum Vitae is seen to be used more in various NGOs and Madrasa. Besides, English Curriculum Vitae (CV) is used almost everywhere. English Curriculum Vitae is most prevalent in private corporate organizations.

What are the types of life stories and what?

Curriculum Vitae (CV) type:

  1. Contact Information
  2. Resume Summary
  3. Experience and Accomplishments
  4. Associations and Certifications (Optional)
  5. Education
  6. Skills
  7. Additional Sections


Things not to do in Curriculum Vitae (CV):

1.Do not use excessive color bar, bullet-point, underline bold-italic or writing font stylings. Attention is attracted to this, but the cause of the annoyance!

2.Without the professional background, you should not paint pictures that are commonly used on social media like Face book.

3.If the organization does not specify, do not scan the handwritten signature and attach it to the Curriculum Vitae (CV).

4.Enter the current address (especially the personal cell phone number that is always open / active) correctly so that if the Curriculum Vitae (CV) is approved by the organization, it is possible to contact immediately.

5. Do not write false or misleading any educational qualifications or job qualifications.

6. Do not use any extra pages as needed.

7. Unless specified, do not attach glue to the Curriculum Vitae (CV), use a stapler pin.

8. Never go for your own Curriculum Vitae (CV) like any other Curriculum Vitae (CV). But at least make an exception, as there is a difference between one man and another.

9.Be careful when folding the Curriculum Vitae (CV). Do not fold in such a way. Break from the two sides of the page and fold 3 times in the middle to the same size as the envelope. This allows you to easily enter and exit the envelope if needed.

10.Before sending a Curriculum Vitae (CV) / Life Circle, teach it to someone who has experienced it for a while. If there is a serious mistake or any feedback or suggestions, act accordingly and at the end of a good quality envelope in the right place sender and receiver (Receive | Sender) correct information.


Episode: 2

      The importance and requirements of typewritten Curriculum Vitae (CV) are gradually diminishing! The reason is that the international market for some digital jobs has been created in the global marketplace. Websites such as: "LinkedIn", "Up work", "Freelancer" etc. On this kind of website, they create their own profiles or Curriculum Vitae (CV) and portfolios. Even though the work can be done in a short period of time, the work is so good that if you have an account on all these web sites, and if the account profile is 5% full, then from there. The official requirement is being met. This means that almost all companies are now adopting digital Curriculum Vitae (CV) / profiles. This is definitely a state-of-the-art process. In this case, it is possible to make your own profile in a timely and standard way, so its importance is increasing day by day. Just as the letter post has been stopped, submission of the paper CV will also be stopped due to the online profile. That day is not too far away!!

     In addition to creating your own Curriculum Vitae (CV) / profile, no one can update or create another person's CV or another company's Curriculum Vitae (CV), so it doesn't matter; He will also be able to earn as a professional through the freelancing internet from minimum 500/- to 5000/- taka () per hour. Writing such a Curriculum Vitae (CV) (profile) is earning thousands of rupees per hour, it is not unknown to anyone today. What a little merit, but what a chance! So if one can make his own Curriculum Vitae (CV) well, then he can make another. From here, he gets a chance to earn money or do part-time or full-time job. What could be better than this!!

     So without any further delay or neglect, I spend a little time and attention on writing my own Resume, Curriculum Vitae, profile whatever the reason why I don't like it. The profit will be entirely personal. No one will share in the profit. This small job for a job or a business will honor and benefit you in many ways. Once you get the job done in your head, the results will be gradual. Keep enjoying… for a lifetime.



             To be continue...

Monday, 07 August 2023 18:27

Why MS Word ?

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        Today, the praise of MS Office or Microsoft Office software cannot be finished. It is so widely used in any office-court, business organization, or even personal need that there is no doubt that without this word processor software, the whole world will become obsolete. MS office software is also called word processor software.


Microsoft Office software is commercial software. There is also another software open source that is completely free! That is Apache Open Office. This word processor software also performs great. If you don't use it, you won't understand. In fact, we, the general users, know Microsoft Office software better. The Microsoft Office software package includes Word, Excel spreadsheet, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook. Each of these features is so important that it's hard to say. Needless to say, each of these software works is so simple, beautiful and enjoyable.

Download link from MS Word Online:

Download Apache Open Office Online Download Link:

 First we need to know:

What is the title bar?


Answer: After opening the office software, the bar at the top where the "initial name" of a document appears is called the title bar.

  • Then you need to know what the menu bar is?


Answer: The second bar that says Home, Insert, Page Layout, Reference etc. is the menu bar.

  • Then you need to know what a toolbar is?


Answer: The bar below the menu bar with small icons or icons is called toolbar. Selecting any tool with the mouse, its option or function is displayed here and changes.

What is that taskbar?


Answer: The taskbar is the bar at the bottom of the software Windows is called the taskbar.


 Keyboard Shortcuts Result in Microsoft Word


CTRL and A Selects all in the current document.

CTRL and B Bold text.

CTRL and C Copies the item or text to the Clipboard and can be pasted using CTRL and V.

CTRL and D Displays the Font dialogue box.

CTRL and E Centre Alignment.

CTRL and F Displays the Find dialog box, to search the current document.

CTRL and G Displays the Go to dialog box, to go to a specific location in the current document.

CTRL and H Displays the Replace dialogue box.

CTRL and I Italic text.

CTRL and J Full Justification.

CTRL and K Create Hyperlink

CTRL and L Left Alignment

CTRL and M Tab

CTRL and N Creates a new document.

CTRL and O Displays the Open File dialogue box.

CTRL and P Displays the Print dialog box.

CTRL and R Right Alignment.

CTRL and S Displays the Save dialog box.

CTRL and U Underline text

CTRL and V Pastes the copied item or text from the Clipboard into the current position in the document.

CTRL and X Cuts the item or text selected to the Clipboard.

CTRL and Y Redo the last undone action.

CTRL and Z Undoes the last action.

CTRL and ENTER Insert Page Break.

CTRL and F2 Show Print preview.

CTRL and F4 Closes the active document window.

CTRL and F6 Open the next document window.

F1 key Get help or use the Office assistant.

SHIFT and F1 Key Context sensitive help.

F2 Key Move text or image.

SHIFT and F2 Key Copy Text.

F3 Key Insert an autotext entry.

SHIFT and F3 Key Change the case of the selected text.

F4 Key Perform last action again.

SHIFT and F4 Key Perform a Find or Go to action again.

F5 Key Displays the Go to dialogue box, from here you can also Find and Replace.

SHIFT and F5 Key Move to a previous revision.

F6 Key Go to the next frame or pane.

SHIFT and F6 Key Go to the previous frame or pane.

F7 Key Launch the Spell checker.

SHIFT and F7 Key Launch the Thesaurus.

F8 Key Extend the current selection.

SHIFT and F8 Key Shrink the current selection.

F9 Key Update the selected fields.

SHIFT and F9 Key Switch between a field code and its result.

F10 Key Activate the menu bar.

SHIFT and F10 Key Display a Shortcut Menu. Same as right clicking.

F11 Key Go to the next field.

SHIFT and F11 Key Go to the previous field.

F12 Key Save file As, equivalent to tools menu.

SHIFT and F12 Key Save document, equivalent to tools menu 

Monday, 07 August 2023 18:23

Why & How to Meditate?

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         Meditation, Yoga, Auto-suggestion, ESP, Quantum Method, Salat (Namaz) are all almost the same. This is just for those who have heard a lot about meditation, who are curious about how to meditate?

First choose a secluded environment where no one will disturb you. At least half an hour to an hour will be completely silent. Anyway, the job after that is to sit comfortably. Sit comfortably so that the whole body is a little more relaxed than usual. Do not sit with your arms and legs tight.

Keep the head, chest, waist straight. If your spine is straight, your meditation will be deeper. Do not sit cross-legged or tilted to one side.

Slowly close your eyes to the name of the Creator. Take a deep breath. Take it through the nose and release it through the mouth. Breathe in such a way that the chest swells. Exhale slowly with a little time while exhaling. Count backwards from 10 to 1 percent in your mind and count the breaths and exhales to zero percent and let the breathing become normal.

You will reach the first stage of meditation. Let the swash prasash continue as usual. Get rid of clutter you don't need. Unnecessary thoughts will come and want to take place in your brain when you are silent and free from worries. Some unnecessary thoughts will continue to revolve around the head. You don't care. You just feel the normal feeling of your body. Feel you're alive. Feel that you are healthy. Feel that the Creator is pulling you by His cosmic power, drawing you to Him. He is the Almighty, the Mighty. At his behest, the whole world is going on. I am also a small part of the creation of the great Creator. My thinking power is to feel the great Creator. I also believe that the world was not created by the Creator alone who created me. I am loyal to Creator. My body soul mind just for his worship. I'm small. It is not possible to carry my life without the will of the Creator. It was not possible for me to come to earth without the will of the Creator. What a wonderful world. You have to be surprised to think. The Creator does not see you but you exist in everything.

Pause for a moment after remembering the Creator in your mind. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. Little by little, I am constantly moving towards Mars and welfare.

This time we will go a little deeper into meditation. Through conscious communication with the great Creator we have created a spiritual path or reflection of light in darkness. Now I will move forward little by little along that path. We want what we want from the bottom of our hearts. Of course, if you want anything from such a situation of meditation, it easily becomes a reality.

Remember you are awake, do not try to sleep at all. Right now you are in the middle of meditation. We have started meditating and we have to finish our meditation properly.

Now what we want is the reason we are meditating on that real subject matter. Say whatever you want in your mind. What is your purpose? Imagine what you want to see. Feel the fiction, but feel the truth. Just like when you hear the story of tamarind, even if you don't eat tamarind, water comes to your tongue thinking about its taste. Imagination borrows several times more than human will power. People don't get most of what they want. On the other hand, people get what they imagine even if they don't want to. This is one of the most important laws of nature! If you don't believe, try to practice disbelief.

And in the state of meditation, of course, you do not want anything bad or harmful. But then your meditation will be broken!! And those who consciously meditate on the coming of power in the name of the Creator cannot harm anyone or destroy any object.

[If you want something impossible in deep meditation, your conscious mind will be the first obstacle. He would not want to believe that it could be implemented any day. But you have to go beyond that and realize the impossible. The subconscious mind has more skills than the conscious mind and the subconscious mind has more power than the subconscious mind. ]

So don't let the rational conscious mind understand whatever you want. Let the silent war with him continue. You try to transcend yourself. Try again and again. There is a time when you have this feeling in your mind that you will discover the desired object near you, at the very moment you have found it or in the contemporary context. It works like magic. Many poor people have become rich by applying this knowledge. Many scientists have discovered. Many pious saints have become saints. It is a proven fact. There is no conflict of spirituality with sarma. People of all religions have called on the Creator in their own way to awaken, to discover the goal of creation, and to have attained His desired goal by gaining proximity to Him. This is real, this is true. As far as the eye can see, it is not true… the sky is tilted down in front. But if you go a little further, you can see that the sky is very high. It is an illusion or limitation of vision, the sky never goes down to the ground but we do not have the power to see the sky. It is in the power of such imagination that all worldly things have to be understood and controlled by conscious communication with the great power of the Creator. And that is why people have been using the 6th sense as the most powerful medium.


Monday, 07 August 2023 18:23

Problem (Poison) Tree

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                       80% of people do not know what is the problem?

The kite has taken the ear without touching its own ear so it would not be right to run after the kite. Identifying the problem needed first to solve the problem. If you can identify the problem, 50% of the problem will be solved by you. Once the problem is identified, the solution becomes much easier and the door to multiple solutions is opened. That is why it is most important to identify the right problem before solving our problem. It is not wise to think too much about problems, it is foolish.


How to identify the problem?

  • What is the origin of the problem?
  • Where to think deeply, how the problem has arisen?
  • Do not go to diagnose the problem based on some assumptions?
  • Don't avoid small problems?
  • Try to break down big problems into smaller ones.
  • Try to stay calm without solving the problem before solving the problem.
  • Don’t think about the same problem over and over again.
  • Learn to think logically, not emotionally.
  • Write down the possible causes of the problem on a piece of paper. Examine each reason thoroughly.
  • Gather necessary information and opinions in consultation with an experienced person.


How to solve the problem?


Ø  You need to know before making a decision to solve the problem.

Ø  Make the right decision on how to solve the best results.

Ø  In case there can be more than one solution to the problem, it is necessary to make sure which one is reasonable in terms of reality and ensure its application.

Ø  Keep trying again and again.

Ø  Must work hard.

Ø  The power of imagination must be used more than the power of will.

Ø  If the problem is too complex, try again later.

Ø  Don't go for less that your full potential.

Ø  You are successful only if you have 95% solution, 100% solution may not always be possible for people.

Ø  The mind-humanity to deal with problems should be determined and not improved but should be improved.

Monday, 07 August 2023 18:15

Source of Invisible Energy / Power

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          We look at the sky and see that the blue sky has descended to the ground. But what is really so? Did the distant sky fall to the ground? Or illusions of our eyes/misconceptions. Looking at the hot sands of the desert seems like waves of water; Peppers actually. Thousands of such events and situations can change our reality incredibly. Although it is unbelievable, it is true!

Even if you run a hundred kilometers ahead, the sky will not fall to the ground and no water will be found in the desert. This is real, this is true!

But what our eyes (sight) see is not right (wrong). This is another kind of truth. Eyesight is limited. Even if you think you understand many things without seeing them, it becomes a lie.

In fact, what is the relationship or difference between the two truths and lies? So is the lie also a kind of truth?! Everything in the world is real. Because I exist, the world is true. If I am not, the world is false. And as it is true that I was not, so it is true that I shall not be. This is the eternal truth that we are writing and reading!

People are true, the earth is true, the moon, the sun, the planets, the stars, light, air, soil, trees, water - all these are real truths and then there is something else that is unreal but true! How does the unreal (miraculous) become true again?

Can we deny our bodies? Can’t it not true that governs the body by something invisible called mind-brain? Do we see the mind (mind-brain)? There is a relationship between mind and body which is called life. Coordination of body and mind.

The mind is controlled by the body and the body is controlled by the mind. They are 100% dependent on each other. One without the other becomes worthless. Science says that every human body has the same structure but there are differences. One has nothing in common with the other. It is never possible for two people to be the same even if they match most or exactly in appearance or behavior or in nature and skin. Another eternal truth...

Both science and religion today state that each person's biometric fingerprint is unique.

Does man have such power in his invisible mind that he can drag his body up Mount Everest? Is there such a power in the invisible mind of man that it can fall from 3000 thousand feet to the surface of the earth indeterminately? Does the human mind have the energy to type notation (programming code) inside the computer hardware circuit without moving from one end of the world to the other, capable of dancing, singing, performing (music), and exchanging information at the speed of light?

Fire, Water, Air, Light, and Earth are all the forces of the Earth. Without one of them, the Earth is immobile. Just like the Nose, Mouth, Eyes, Skin, and Tongue, these are basic resources of the human body. Without these, the body is immobile. But apart from the visible power in these materialisms, there are some miraculous powers that are incomprehensible to any human being on Earth. In the same way, there are some things inside the mind-brain that are invisible, like- love, emotions, thoughts, feelings, anger, lust, revenge, patience, restraint, forgiveness, ideals, integrity, honesty, spirituality, etc...

Basically, who created people? If we think deeply, we can understand that man does not give birth to man. He who creates one man creates all men. The Lord of all men is an invisible, immortal force (Allah, God, Lord, Creator, whoever understands Him)! How much energy is there in this small life of that person who is divided between birth and death? All the people of the world, even with all the technology, another world is far away, they can't make even a single grain of food (paddy-rice-wheat). Science says that there is no destruction of anything in the world, only transformation. There is no counting how many other worlds, planets, and stars, like Earth, are rhythmically rotating in a certain path. They must have been going on in a special process for hundreds of millions of years by some (unique) superpower...that invisible untouchable source of power and power is not at all possible for any human being to discern...can only be believed on the basis of conjecture!



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       We all know what accounting is or how important it is but we don't know it well. From success and failure in life to the Earth-space, the creator-nature are all in a certain calculation. The greatest human discovery so far has been the computer or computational device. Scientists say that arithmetic is the language of calculation or the language of the creator. In other words, it is possible to express the shape and type of everything in that language. What is the speed of light? There are many other things like how old is the Earth? The calendar we use in our daily life, even though it is a man-made timeline, is still very important to keep track of the current. The time-table service can no longer say who is going through us. Then there is the Moon-Sun, Planets-Stars, Tides-Ebbs, and Seasons. They are constantly moving from time to time like clockwork. Isn't it amazing! But these are not man-made things! Yet they are maintaining the book of accounts. In fact, clocks or calendars have been created by following them.

The computer calculates in a very simple method, which is called binary method. In this method the computer can do everything with zero (0) and one (1) predominance. This is exactly what is used in many parts of the world and it is a real test. However, human life is such that if you live, yes, if you do not die.


Monday, 07 August 2023 18:11

Are scientists and common people the same?

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       Among all the biggest sensitive things in the world, the human mind is above all. It has a lot of logical aspects as well as irrational aspects. Among them, how people can know and control their future is going on. There is no end to human knowledge. Self-understanding, self-recognition, these are many complex puzzles that people constantly confuse with their own existence. There is no conflict between supremacy and religion. Many people know this and don't want to accept it; In this case their own opinion works. The real thing is ignorance. In most parts of the world, sin or wrongful criminal activity is or happens because of human ignorance. Today he is doing what seems good to him but; after a certain time he realizes how stupid he is!

       We humans often unknowingly wander in a world of mind that is opposite to the real world. We get lost in an imaginary world. From there come back to the visual world. Some sense of subtlety in this coming and going has given us humanity a sense of purpose. There is no human being without fear, shame, spirituality, benevolence, loving attitude etc. All this is actually untouchable. Internal fillings! But yes, you or I can pet them in cages if you want. And they are forced to obey if they get the right guidance.

        Is it possible for another person to enter into a normal person and realize the desired truth? As in childhood, parents are doing lifelessly. But how do mature people do this work of controlling their mind? Or how much juice can he get out of the chickpeas? Those who can perform this task perfectly are the ones who sit in the role of managers in today's real world. This power is much more important than money and worldly power. There must be logic behind it!

       Your thinking is so sharpened and refined by the influence of materialism that you can get a basic idea of ​​the humanity of someone half your age. It is as simple as nature. And those who have affected the world externally by saying they are difficult or exceptional are also normal like you and me. There is no such thing as external or miraculous. All are mundane but there is logic in their actions. Nothing beyond that. Humans are simply ordinary creatures. The origin of the organism and the end result of the organism!

      Let's learn about our own thought processes. How we can fight our existence to produce the best results. You don't need to apply Meditation, Autosuggestion or Telepathy for that. What you are Think for yourself. There is no need to think about anything difficult. It is dangerous when it becomes difficult! Yes, by birth plus nature some dumbbell 'raw-materials' work fine but that doesn't mean you're above the problem. You too are just an improved form of nature. And those who do not believe in nature, keep thinking like yourself, one day you will find it; whoever you are looking for. The real thing is whether you have the courage and morale? Many people know a lot and think they know everything. The truth is that the general attitude is the product of ignorance. There is no shortage of wise people in the world. Those who really know or can do something never want to indulge themselves in such misconceptions. Because they really know something!!

       Science says that we love to shout to the stars and think to ourselves that science is the key to immortality! Many seem to be conflicted about how realistic this idea is. Science is an inexhaustible management of doubt, fantasy and the unreal. Once upon a time, many people used to meditate and practice meditation and wisdom, but; why can't we see them today? Have they immersed themselves in the deep darkness of the world with the touch of the light of science? No they are the same as before, but now they have a golden age. They were and will be. This is the interest of scientists!!! Today's sadhu-sannyasis don't wear white robes or yubba or ocher cloth and go around with tasbeeh! in their hands. All they practice is the world around them, and such people are never alone, they are touched by thousands of like-minded dead and living souls around them, and fearlessly do whatever they have to do. In the absence of millions of men and women. No one notices their silent walk. You are one of them! When you keep thinking that the whole world is your world and any thought to do something for the world or to decorate the world keeps wandering in your head only then you can come close to that great power. Maybe many people are already aware of this. I am humbled and grateful to know them.

Rational Scientific Facts:

      Our brain produces energy (heat-pressure/sensation) like electricity. This energy is divided into four parts. Although this division is for the convenience of our judgment and analysis, for example:- Time has no specific aspect or dimension, but for our convenience, we have arranged time as a calendar into present, past and future...

Mind-Brain, Thought-Consciousness Level:

1. Beta-conscious

2. Alpha-subconscious

3. Theta-sub-subconscious

4. Delta-unconscious

       The brain works best when we are idle because, like an electrical circuit, our brain's immune system is at its lowest when the brain has the opportunity to use its full energy. That's why people can easily find intelligent solutions by thinking coldly in times of great danger.

        According to the pulse cycle of the brain, if it vibrates 14 times per second, it is considered as beta level, at which level you are reading this, that is, you are doing worldly work. If the brain vibration is between 7 then it is considered alpha level. At this level you are drowsing or daydreaming just before you fall asleep and a few seconds after waking up. And when the pulsation starts at 4, when the brain is at the theta level, then you are just asleep, that is, you are far removed from the material world. Finally, when the brain wave 'beat' goes down from 4 to '0', the brain is at the delta level. At this time you may be unconscious or dead even alive!

Specific questions:

1. Does my body listen to the mind?

2. Does my mind listen to the body?

3. What is the junction of mind and body?

4. What is the brain and the mind?

5. What are the five senses and the sixth sense? Can I use all the five senses?

6. Can I change the world?

7. Can I influence objects?

8. Can I perceive my desired object through the full use of the senses?

9. Do I know myself?

10. Can I speak my mind? how long can?

11. What is spirituality?

12. What is materialism or reality?

13. Imagination or thought can influence my body and mind even if I don't want it?

14. Am I great?

15. What am I?

16. Is the speed of my mind per second more or less than the speed of light?

17. Can I not control my feelings?

18. Am I unable to control my mind?

19. Am I good or bad?

20. Am I capable of dividing reality with logic?

21. who am i ?



Monday, 07 August 2023 18:07

Transformation of Will Power and Imagination Featured

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         If there is a will there is a way; Imagination is never real! Our general job flow is based on this idea. Will power and imagination power are never the same but complement each other. It is possible for people to do anything if they wish, but if we imagine it, it is not possible for us to implement it? Why does this happen?

Huh here’s a thing! Matter of fact desire is a power and imagination is also a power. Desire cannot be seen, imagination cannot be seen with the real eye. So what is the relationship or difference between these two is the main thing to know and understand. We have to understand how our will works and how our imagination works. Before understanding the difference and relationship between these two, you should look more into their characteristics..!

I want to learn graphic design. I completed my course after studying for one month, two months, and three months. After six months of not practicing, I forgot everything. Again I practiced for four months, five months, and six months. There is no doubt that I have definitely improved myself on the table by rubbing myself more than before. But why is it not possible for me to create a design? I have accumulated high level of knowledge and experience after passing the initial idea, but when I want to create something new, I am getting stuck and hindered. Settling down Why is this happening to me? I have learned all the rules of designing by using my willpower to the maximum, but why do I feel incompetent and stupid? Did I learn anything though? Nothing can be done by me. Or am I like that!!

I wanted to be a graphic designer. So? I tried almost everything, but why can't I become a creative graphic designer? How can I be an artist? I don't want to be a craftsman…….! Craftsman and artist. The craftsman works by the power of will and the artist works by the joy of imagination. In a battle between will and imagination (Snake vs. Mongo), imagination wins.
(Think) I really need a computer. I wish I had a good computer. I bought a decent computer according to my ability. After some time it was suddenly destroyed. My wish was fulfilled but turned into failure. My computer machine has stopped working. I took initiative again...! Either way, I need a computer that I want. It's exactly what I want.
Days go by and months go by and my computer is not bought. I wait Think! Ah, if only I had a computer like that? What is the match between my desire and power? Is there a strong argument?!

I keep thinking there is no life; But what if? What does it look like or should it look like? What is the correlation between demand and power?

Irrational imagination is worth the implementation??? What is or should be the (specific) external color and shape of that object? What will be the adventure structure of the object? How should it be used and effective? How does it feel to touch a certain object?

I imagined what the color and size of the computer monitor would be (black). The monitor will be right next to the PC. One part of the PC will be black and some part silver. The monitor will be placed on the table near my hand with the PC.

I imagined in my mind and language in my eyelids, I gave AC 120 volt current line. I switched on. The power came on the monitor, I turned on the power switch of the PC. PC is on. I kept seeing the operating system turning on. Finally came to the operating system platform and the computer turned on completely and remained stable. I gently held the mouse and pressed. After that I typed one of my favorite poems (composed) from the keyboard with bright pink font.

(But in reality (the material world) I do not have or had any of these. Human imagination can affect things.)
I became restless. Repeatedly the same events and subjects in different ways made my body, soul, mind able to understand as if it was true! I felt the color, touch, smell of the real thing. I started to feel overwhelmed. I finally forced myself to defeat the logic of the subconscious mind as if it wasn't a lie. This is true!

The unconscious rational mind refuses to accept anything but unknowingly agrees with the subconscious great power to bring forth the desired object created in the world of imagination again and again like magic……. My imagination ends. There is a waiting holiday.
I let go of what I need by accurately and beautifully visualizing it. After that, I'm just waiting, when the event will happen. It will happen to everyone in the same way, in the same process. No one understands...

It is surprising when the long-imagined unreal object coincides with the object in front. Thanks must be given to the Universal Supreme Power (as I understand Him) the Creator. To whom (in nature) there is no lack of wealth, abundance. We are ignorant, do not know how to ask because we have so much trouble!

Today, imaginary worlds like met averse are created entirely from the power of human imagination. The two brothers invented the airplane with this imagination. Vinci has done his work of art with this initiative Internet, computer, mobile, electricity, rocket, submarine all these things have been discovered through the world of imagination (energy). All of which never existed in reality.

This development of the world today is due to the growth of people's imagination over the ages.
Where willpower ends; the world of fantasy begins there……

Monday, 07 August 2023 18:07

Computer Addiction

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         Addiction is a type of pull. Which do people want to do again and again? And on which a kind of dependence is created. Work over which a person has no control. Anything (action) done repeatedly becomes a habit but is controlled. When it becomes uncontrollable it becomes unhealthy behavior i.e. addictive behavior. If he does not work, then the person will feel bad. Being unable to adapt to anything will create instability. Addiction can be of various types, but to understand addiction, both physical and human aspects must be understood first. Addiction to drugs destroys the physical balance more and behavioral or behavioral (compulsive behavior) addiction or tension destroys the human balance. And the effect of human damage works more in people's life than physical. Any physical addiction usually accounts for three to five percent, while human disease or addiction or compulsive behavioral dependence accounts for ninety-five to ninety-seven percent. So be careful!Habits and addictions should not be confused; addictions and habits should not be considered the same. Nothing is too equal. Waking up in the morning is definitely a good habit but overeating is definitely not a good habit, it's an addiction! Excess is not good. Oversleeping is a kind of addiction! Over-talking, over-thinking, overspending, over-exercising are all post-addiction stages. The habit should be controlled by balancing both the positive and negative aspects. 


Here is a list of the most addictive things


  • Intoxication or use of medicines, drugs or narcotics causes addiction.
  • Sexual intercourse or illicit sex is a type of addiction.
  • Excessive consumption of foods like cake, coke, coffee, caffeine, oily snacks and fatty foods can lead to addiction.
  • Being involved in stealing or criminal negative activities is a type of addiction.
  • Oversleeping or marathon sleeping is also an addiction.
  • Spending extra money is an addiction.
  • Excessive anger-stubbornness, irritable mood is an addictive disease.
  • Suspicion or distrust, guilt, fear are also causes of addiction.
  • Excessive video game playing also becomes addictive.
  • Addictions such as spending days and nights with computers or mobiles are deadly addictions.
  • Gambling addiction.
  • Rangbaji and Batwari are addictive behaviors.
  • Over thinking (anxiety) is a fatal addiction.
  • Regular consumption of medicines as per doctor's prescription also leads to addiction.
  • Watching pornographic images or (blue images) (videos) is a harmful addiction.
  • Masturbishment or self-centered physical masturbation or (home sex) homosexuality is also at the stage of gross addiction.

In short, if something good (habit) loses control or goes out of control, then it can bring degradation in life as a harmful addiction or addiction at any moment, suddenly...So always be aware that any work or habit does not go out of control no matter how good the work or habit is? 

Computer or mobile addicts have all the compulsive behaviors:


  • After being lonely (room corner)
  • After becoming antisocial.
  • Wakes up at night and sleeps during the day.
  • A lot of money is spent on the internet.
  • They trap their lives and wills in a certain zone where no one else is allowed to enter.
  • More than one person is interested in using electronic gadgets or devices.
  • Time loses wisdom.
  • What happens next, or is happening, or the responsibility of the person, every eccentricity comes (Dam care).
  • What Dunge thinks and understands is wrong (opposite) but right.
  • He forgets his position and lives in an unreal imaginary world.
  • After becoming a central monolith.
  • Becomes evasive and apathetic in studies, work.
  • Everyone thinks they are big.
  • Doing the same thing over and over without doing any logical thing may not bring any benefit even after a long time.
  • Ways to get rid of the addiction of using electronic devices.

 It doesn't take a survey to understand that the number of computer and mobile users is the highest in the world, just an idea is enough. Possible ways to get rid of computer and mobile addiction:-

  • Must be present i.e. not hypnotized while working or driving on mobile or computer. Keep a watchful eye on what is happening around you.
  • Do not watch mobile/computer/TV at night or till late night or all night or even morning.
  • A definite plan (time-table) should be kept for doing any important work or entertainment through mobile/computer/internet/TV.
  • Avoid the monotonous thought of finishing everything in one day.
  • Misuse or misuse of social media is not acceptable.
  • Minors should not divulge information or documents to adults.
  • Being addicted to a serial multimedia series cannot be arrested as a fatal addiction.
  • Try to remove yourself from the work that is beyond your ability.
  • Do not indulge in daydreaming.
  • Sockeye glasses should be used and the prescribed distance should be maintained.
  • Adequate water and balanced food should be eaten on time.
  • Adequate amount of exercise and rest should be taken.
  • Internet/computer/mobile/TV usage time should be fixed (timeline).
  • When using these devices or gadgets, the family should provide necessary support.
  • Habits of reading books, magazines, literature, news etc
  • Sports, exercise, meditation, prayer (namaz) should be practiced.Engage in healthy recreation indoors and outdoors.Values should be raised about the misuse of technology to solve their problems with the humanity of doing good for the welfare of people.

Above all, those who do not have a profession (trade) of computer or mobile programming must take personal initiative to learn about the unnecessary, excessive misuse of these electronics gadgets, devices, devices to avoid its consequences. 



Monday, 07 August 2023 18:00

Style of Life Car

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      Car of life! We all have to manage our own lives. We enjoy the results the way we set up our lives and desires. Bad management leads to bad results and good management leads to good results.

Here we will compare the management of our life with a car. Although the entire content is imaginary, we can clearly understand some of the inner things from this explanation. We will divide a car into two parts, firstly external (Outside) and second internal (Inside).

Notice how we have arranged the car model sample images here. It is natural that each car model will be different. Some are like private cars, some are auto rickshaws, some are like cargo lobbies or trucks like: some are clerks, some are officers, and some are government employees or unemployed. Each person's life car looks different.

So we believe that one can arrange the parts (Internal and External) of his life car and expect results (Output) from that car. If you don't believe someone, you can test it by disbelieving.

First let's come to the exterior of the car towards the wheels. We can see the four wheels of our aforementioned car...

  1. The first wheel is Confidence
    2. The second wheel—Responsibility
    3. Third Wheel – Work Plan
    4. Fourth wheel-Working technique
    5. The fifth wheel-Promise

I have arranged according to my needs and requirements, you can arrange it according to yours.

Secondly, the interior of the car-



I have arranged it according to my needs and requirements, you can arrange it according to yours.

Describe how we can use or use the imaginary features of this vehicle of life-

I think you are a good car driver. You know all the rules of the road and try to follow them. Suddenly, a drunken driver took a U-turn from the opposite direction and ran over your private car! In this case you are not at fault or wrong but you are harmed. Whose fault is it? But you have to pay for that mistake or maybe! Whose loss is it? Note that you know that you were driving according to the rules and that you were not at fault!!!

From the mentioned incidents and situations we learn that even though we try to be right all the time, sometimes some problems or troubles can affect us accidentally or unexpectedly and completely disrupt the normal course of our daily life. Isn't that so?

A car cannot move fast without wheels. All the wheels must be air-filled, meaning all the features of the LIFE CAR will keep you moving.

Let's focus on the first wheel:

If the name of the first wheel is belief then its importance can be easily guessed. Self means self-belief means something to be trusted or relied upon. So self-confidence means belief in oneself, right? Yes, if the belief can be verified while starting any work then the work becomes very easy for him. If self-confidence is lacking, many simple tasks become difficult and if self-confidence is right, many impossible tasks can become very easy!

To talk about the second wheel sense of responsibility, in simple words, responsibility is a subject that has many aspects and responsibility cannot be fulfilled by everyone. In most cases the duality comes automatically and in many cases you have to take responsibility yourself. But in this case, the responsible people are always a little different from everyone else and their work is more and more messy. If responsible people can do 80% of the work, it doesn't take long to reach the top of development without capital.

The third wheel is a plan of action: A messy life without a plan means an uncertain life. Today there is no tomorrow. This is good and steep. This happiness is this sadness. That is, there is no equality or harmony in words, deeds or thoughts. It seems foolish to expect success in a messy unplanned restless life. Every modern man should have a daily plan, a weekly plan, a monthly plan and a yearly plan. A life without a plan is worthless. Every creation has some purpose beyond our own understanding. Failure is rare if the plan is correct.

The fourth wheel: It is not enough to do the work, but to have a work strategy. There are many people who think that I am working hard all my life but I am not progressing bro! The truth is that there is no use in sleeping with ghosts. Every job has some tricks. If you don't know the strategy, you should learn it, but it is not possible to achieve success in anything in life with a thick head like Gower. After prevention, the results of the whole work and the work of good sense are completely different.

Without a fifth wheel or spare wheel, the car can reach the destination, but if you are unaware or overconfident while driving (Journey) suddenly one of the wheels gets punctured, then both you and the car will suffer. Where to find a spare wheel, where to find a car repair technician or where to find a garage to keep your car safe and secure. If you think about it a lot...

Many dangers happen because of a little mistake, those who made the mistake are the victims. That is why extra wheels promises are needed on the way, such as I will do the work or I will go there...

Now we will focus on the interior of the car: first is the key to the car, willpower. My wish is that I will take my life car to go somewhere far away or for any urgent work. This is the first step in driving life. I mean I want to leave the house to go anywhere. After that I took out the key with my hand in my pocket and started it. (Here lies deep thinking and understanding). If I don't want to, I won't cry. My car will start as I wish. By force of will I started my car. The cart is ready to go. If there is a will, there is a way...

After that let's talk about the engine; the engine is human health. The most important part. If you are not healthy, you cannot leave the house. So the engine of the car must be kept healthy. There is no alternative. Whatever you do, whatever you think and whatever you plan, nothing can be done by you without desire (Sat). 

Next is steering or endurance. Just like driving a car you have to control the car through the steering wheel, there is no substitute for patience when it comes to taking charge of your own life. God loves a patient person and does not forget to help him even if it is late according to the laws of nature.

Then there are headlights: you can't drive in the dark without headlights. Its name is knowledge. Wise people can see in the dark, that is, even if the five senses do not work, he can perceive many things through his sixth sense, understand, and even cause events that are difficult for ordinary people to understand or do! Knowledge is light.

Finally, there is the brake which is described as intelligence. Smart and clever are never the same. Smart people are never clever but smart people are smart and clever also. Here the point of brake or intelligence is that in any situation intelligent people are adept at making the right decision at the right time. Many people can get out of big trouble or danger and return to normal situations with the strength of present intelligence. That's why intelligence present along with many other characteristic qualities or characteristics makes man the best creature of creation.

Monday, 07 August 2023 17:58

Dreams are not just dreams(Lucid Dream)

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      Who does not like to talk about dreams? Dreams are not just dreams; many problems are being solved today through dreams. The power and importance of dreams in controlling people's lives is great.


Everyone dreams, many types of dreams, many interpretations of dreams that not everyone understands. Although much research has been done on dreams in modern times, although research is ongoing, they are still not very popular.


Seers and materialists each have different interpretations of dreams. Some say that one should not dream while sleeping Implementation is possible; such thoughts and plans should be called dreams.


Just as the soul has a deep connection with the body, so sleep has a deep connection with dreams. Complement and supplement each other. When you sleep, you dream, but a dream is a dream; it has nothing to do with reality.


Again, the dream or fantasy that people wake up to is a life-based dream to turn it into reality. Human future is guided by dreams, hopes or imaginations.


Those who have no hope, no dream, no desire, and no power at work go on living, but there is a great gulf between these two kinds of life.


Many see many miraculous things in their dreams, which many scientists, sages and doctors are unable to explain in reality. Some interpretations of dreams from some religious texts and some science books.


This is true but it is very insignificant compared to the modern era. It also happens that a dream that I or you suddenly saw corresponds to real life such as: smell, color, situation, etc.


Sounds like I've been through this before or I know the situation. But be fooled, it takes a while to tell the difference between the two, whether it's real or a dream. When the sticks are a kind of dizziness or hypnosis!


The dreams of those who dream in the morning often affect their real life. There are lucid and profound dreamers who can use their senses as if they are asleep.


Live like a vigilante man. That is, they control themselves from the level between sleep and death. They work hard day after day, time and effort, gradually their own thinking.


Daily Work Plan, Meditation/Practices in a way that ordinary people cannot understand from the outside world. But their body is subject to mind and spiritual energy.


Grows in secret. They are associated with the great powers of the world. Only such extraordinary people in the crowd of ordinary people can immediately solve their possible problems in a dream. They are the same.


You can dream again and again. You can control your dreams through auto-suggestion. You can easily solve difficult problems in your own and others life.


Types of dreams:


Primary dream

Common dream

General dream-sensation

Bad dream

Pathological dreams

Lucid dream




Few people have nightmares. Jumps with fear, sweaty screams, or cold hands and feet, or often feels light as a feather in sleep.


Everyone has experience. Some dreams are logical and some are upside down which means it is better not to find out. There are some people who sleep!!! There are also such nightmares.


It really surprises people like: - If a young man sees, imagines and feels a woman copulating in his sleep, but in reality he ejaculates, the same thing happens in real nightmares. How strange! Isn't that the point?


Practicing lucid dreaming is very important. Clear dreams are normal when sleep is clear. There are some healthy rules before and after sleeping that we all should follow By it. Our body, soul and mind will be our ghost and future good. There are some rules for sleeping and dreaming, they are:


  1. The nature of sleep is disrupted by marathon sleep due to oversleeping.
  2. If you sleep on an empty stomach, your body will become thin; you will feel restless and sleepless in your dreams.
  3. Going to sleep anxiously can turn random thoughts into scattered nightmares.
  4. It is sure that if you stay up late at night and go to sleep in the morning with your mobile and computer on, it will be difficult to look healthy.
  5. One should eat dinner after evening and pray, drink a lot of water and switch off the mobile phone and sleep.
  6. The time from midnight to sunrise is definitely very important for every grown man and woman.
  7. There are many people whose insomnia is a disease due to which they cannot have sound dreams. There are some tricks for doctors, scientists, soldiers; if you follow them you can get benefits.


Data of the dream world:


  • Practice writing down your daily dreams. If necessary, keep a small diary or notebook and pen under the pillow.
  • Try to revisit the incomplete dream, right where you left off.
  • When you wake up, try to recall the dream as much as possible.
  • Try to control the events of the dream through auto-suggestion if you see something inverted in your dream or if you don't like it.
  • Although it is impossible to know the future, you should try to apply whatever spiritual power is there in nature in your daily life.
  • Those whose imagination is stronger than willpower should bring their desired dreams under their control so as to get some psychological cues from immediate problems.
  • If you can control the dream that comes if you don't want it, then something miraculous will happen in your life, check it out.
  • Make a plan for your life and prepare a possible list of problems. Try to visualize possible solutions to those problems.
  • At least 5-6 times a day for 10 minutes of ESP/Meditation/Prayer/Salat(Namaz)offering.
  • Keep perspective right; keep yourself clear and constructive thinking, stay away from negative thoughts.
  • Try to dream what you actually want or hope or need in real life.
  • If you are able to start controlling the dream, do not try to harm someone in the dream even if you forget.
  • Try to understand on your own the difference and relationship between waking dreams and real dreams.
  • Try to keep yourself happy and sinless.